Here’s a success story from Anastasia, a girl who completed the Narconon Program in Russia, in Narconon Standard!
I liked it and I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy it!

Hello my name is Anastasia,

nine months ago I finished the Narconon program. You know, I’m really proud of myself, because I did a very long and difficult road, but the most important thing – the result! I made it, I do not do drugs and do not want to! I like my life without a “high”, I do not drink, I do not need to change its state, that I lived better, on the contrary, sober me is much easier to live, I can solve problems, not run away from them and just accumulate. Now I have a more global goal! This concerns both the spiritual and the material side to this, and I slowly but surely eager, I know that I will do it, so I found the ability to shove a tank to the end, if I really want something, so I just go ahead! Thank you Narconon-Standard!